Thistle Hill

Fort Worth, Texas
The Wharton-Scott House is one of the most magnificent homes in Fort Worth. Also known as Thistle Hill, it was built in 1904 by Albert Buckman Wharton as a wedding gift for his bride Electra Waggoner, originally a Colonial Revival design. In 1911, the home was purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Winfeld Scott who remodeled it in the Georgian Revival style; they eventually sold it to the Girls Service League and the home became a residence for young women. The house was purchased in 1976 by "Save the Scott Home!", a group of concerned citizens dedicated to the preservation of the stately mansion. In 2005, the property was given to Historic Fort Worth, Inc. who manages the site and continues to oversee its continual care and restoration.

Since 1981, we have provided architectural services as funding permits for numerous scopes of work to repair and upgrade the mansion and outbuildings. Recently completed work includes stabilization and repair of a portion of the perimeter masonry wall funded by a THC Preservation Trust Fund grant.

Key Issues
• Masonry perimeter wall restoration and repair
• Plans for accessibility improvements to main house, carriage house and site
• Restoration program development, cost estimating, and grant funding assistance for multiple projects

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Main House at Thistle Hill

Thistle Hill_Carriage House

Thistle Hill Carriage House