Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site

1916/ 1935
Bonham, Texas
National Historic Landmark, National Register of Historic Places, Recorded Texas Historic Landmark

Key Project Issues

• Develop a Master Interpretive Plan for the house and its site

• Specify modifications to the existing interiors to more accurately return them to their historic appearance during the proposed interpretive period, 1935- 61

• Recommend interpretive tools to bring the Rayburn story to life in the house, including audio, visitor “touch” materials, and appropriate scents

• Provide suggestions for reproduction items to acquire to replace deteriorating original furnishings

Sam Rayburn House Exterior

  • Sam Rayburn House Interior
  • Sam Rayburn House Appliances1
  • Sam Rayburn House Appliances2

As the long-time residence of one of America’s most influential politicians, Sam Rayburn’s home opened in 1975 as a museum administered by the Texas Historical Commission.  Sam Rayburn first won a seat in the Texas House of Representatives in 1906, when he was 24 years old.  In 1912, he became a US Representative, serving there for 48 years and as Speaker of the House for 17 years.  He is perhaps best remembered as a mentor to LBJ, who was a frequent visitor at the Rayburn home.  The Rayburn house is very much as it was in 1961, when Rayburn died, and is furnished almost completely with original Rayburn family objects.